Non writing update. Sped has a bald patch.

I did a little Googling for past few days. There are ways that my dog could have gotten a bald patch. He could have chafed on something. Caught a parasite, or possibly a worm. Or it could be a reaction to something. Or he could have nibble on something. Or it could be the dog food.

I checked his stool before it froze. It looked firm. The dog hasn’t suffered any frost bite.

To be on the safe side. I would stick with one brand of dog food. I am not going to risk switching to another kibble. He never had a problem with Benefel, Pedigree and Apo dog food. Those kibble never gave him diarrhoea. He seemed to enjoy Blue Buffalo dog food and Actr1um dog food. So I am stuck with Actr1um dog food. It will be wait and see game.

I swapped his collar for another. His not so old one, had some stretched out look to it.

If you’re wondering, I never give him any seasoned broth. It’s plain broth for him, no salt, pepper or any spices.


4 thoughts on “Non writing update. Sped has a bald patch.

    • Thanks, I think I have figured out what had caused him. Possible culprits, a fire work aimed at him, or he could have gotten on anti-freeze or motor oil on him. or he could have chafe on something.

      My father took a close look at him. He said he will be fine. The hair will grow back he suspects that something got stuck on his fur. No burn marks though.

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