Wednesday ROW80 check in

ROW80LogocopyThis is the last ROW80 check in for month of January. Twenty four days of ROW80, and plenty of writing days ahead.  I am a day late. As you can guess, my mind is shooting blanks in the imagination department. My mind is feeling hollow, my writing groove had taken off somewhere or is being held hostage.

As I sat here staring at the screen. No image or word come to mind. I must admit is a slow month.

Update, there were several people that I try dipping my toe in another genre. Fortunately no one suggested that I try writing romance. if I did, I think it would be lame.

As a saying goes, you have to be read in particular genre that you’re interested in writing.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday ROW80 check in

  1. We all understand a muse that has gone wandering. But really, why be offended when people suggest genres that might bring your inspiration back? I have at times labeled your book as science fiction or fantasy, and I certainly think those were good guesses. No one who reads your writing would say you have a calling to write mysteries — but hey, it is my favorite genre and I might innocently suggest you try it. (Not that I did so.)

    • There were two poeple that I try wet my toe in another genre.coincidentally the same thing. I tend to be brisk at times. I may have to update the genre.

      I am going to update this blog post.

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