Adaptations and quick inane thoughts

I decided to do a quick blog post. It stands to reason why Hollywood is keen in adapting anime, manga, comics, stage plays and literature. They’re running out of ideas.

I am not too keen in seeing the a cult classic anime/manga Akira be adapted to silver screen. One there would be deviations and distillations. Two, the movie adaptation of Akira could bomb. Three, why the hell ruin a good classic.

 In that story, you got mixture of dystopian, politics, nature of evolution, philosophy, disaffected youth and so forth weaved together. How the hell can they bring to the big screen? It’s condensed, It would made sense that a lot of stuff that would have to be cut out and concentrate on a central characters. The Manga was condensed while the anime had to be short in order to be feature film 121 minutes. 


One thought on “Adaptations and quick inane thoughts

  1. Ever since I was a kid I have been hearing detractors say “Don’t make this book into a movie, you will ruin it.” A fair point … except many times the movie is better than the novel. They are different art forms, and where a movie can linger and dwell lovingly on details, a movie races us through the basic story in 1.5 hours. Often I thank the makers for doing that.
    True, your point is that a mange work would be spread out and made overly verbal if put into film. But once again, a film would be a different art work and might be more enjoyable.

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