Late Wednsday ROW80 check

This my late Wednesday ROW80 check in.I missed Sunday ROW80 check in.  It’s not going too well. Last month was a slow month. Hardly anything was written down. I am going have to push aside my unfinished draft from NaNoWriMo to next month.

Sometimes I feel not sharing and explaining my draft to anyone. I have no patience. No  questions, no  suggestions. It was extremely annoying that several people said it was a short story, although I repeated a hundred times it’s an unfinished draft, not a friggin short story or novella.

 Even though I said from the start, I am going to wing it. I am going to shoot for a minimum of five hundred words a day.


2 thoughts on “Late Wednsday ROW80 check

  1. Good! When you get moving again, shoot for the stars. 500 words a day — we remember your novel and want more of it. And ignore any detractors — that would be the longest short story anyone ever saw.

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