late Sunday ROW80 check in

It’s a late Sunday RWO80 check in. I haven’t written anything in past weeks. But all is not lost. I did some quick sporadic research online. I must admit a lot of interesting stuff online. My document and pages of my note pad and notebook remained blank.

What I have been doing in past month. I did some lite reading. I may need to order more books. Not to mention, the never ending struggle between me and the pipe to my washer from freezer. I managed to thaw that bastard a few times with a hair dryer. Took about thirty-five to forty minutes in strategic location. Plus I had to crawl under the house in crab style. I didn’t have enough money to order an indoor ceramic heater to thaw that stupid pipe.

I had to let the cold water drip a thin line of water. Both on bathtub and the sink in the bathroom.

I am not going to post a picture what a ceramic heater looks like. And I am not in a mood for stupid comments.



One thought on “late Sunday ROW80 check in

  1. Winter seems to go on forever, doesn’t it? You spent yesterday thawing pipes. I spent this morning shoveling snow. We have two more months of this.
    Nonetheless online research is not a trivial exercise. It produces ideas, that will eventually work their way into your writing. d

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