Sunday ROW80 check-in

row80logocopyThree more check-ins remaining. Aside from random sleeping patterns and my odd hours. I haven’t done any work. On a quick note, I installed a font called Courier Prime, it looks all right. But unfortunately I don’t have a printer.

ROW80 update

  1. I looked over my unfinished WriMo draft, I have yet to edit it. My instincts were telling me to hold off further editing. After I chucked all but four pages. My mind wanted to do it’s own thing, while my fingers were itching type something.
  2. I had read two of James Patterson’s young Adult Maximum ride series. To be honest with you, I wasn’t impressed. I haven’t finished reading the other book the Office of Shadow by Matthew Sturges. It’s still sitting in my book case.

2 thoughts on “Sunday ROW80 check-in

  1. You are working, no doubt about that. Just that fact is reassuring. People who are only drifting do not have thoughts like these. Were I you I would at once start adding to that kernel of four pages.
    Please tell us more about James Patterson’s young Adult Maximum Ride series. I write in that genre but have not heard of it, and would like to know more.
    / Bill

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