Sunday ROW80 check – final Sunday

ImageRound one of ROW80 is coming to a close, one last check in. I have less than few days to continue on writing.
I have a general idea where I would go with the second round.
Staring at the blank document. Nothing was written for several days. I almost didn’t check in.
Still reading the second book by James Patterson Young Adult series Maximum Ride. Not impressed with the series. I am going to pick another book. I have been thinking of reading Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. It was recommended to me by TJ, long ago, a woman in her forties/fifties, who keep calling me B. I still keep in touch with her via facebook.


10 thoughts on “Sunday ROW80 check – final Sunday

  1. I read a couple of the Dresden books because I liked the TV series. Liked one, disliked the second so much I decided not to read any more. Can’t remember which ones, sorry, so that’s probably not much help! Anyway, good luck with round 2.

    • Thanks for stopping by, According to TJ, she picks books randomly without reading reviews and the back cover of the book. I think it paid off for her.

      Round two, is when I will be participating Camp WriMo, Hitting two squirrels with one stone. I should pack M&Ms and lots of coffee.

  2. Picasso used to say that, to sculpt a horse, you take a block of stone and chip away anything that didn’t look like a horse. My guess is that he spent a lot of time staring at blocks of stone. Sometimes we need to have weeks like that.

  3. I would guess TJ made a good recommendation. I have heard of the book, and people like it. WIK describes it was a mixture of science fantasy and hard boiled detective fiction. Sounds good to me.

  4. Sometimes writing poetry or flash fiction helps us to dig deeper into the story we want to tell — or the story that digs away at us until we must tell it. All the best for Round 2!

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