Final ROW80 check-in for Round one

ROW80LogocopyAll right, this is my final check in for Round One of ROW80. I have nothing to report. Unfortunately no writing to speak of.
As Beth Camp suggested, to write out a flash fiction, to flesh out some writing that is stuck somewhere in my noggin. Though I have no patience and skill for poetry. I am going to give out a flash fiction a try one of these days. They say, any scrap of advice shouldn’t be wasted.
On a special note, tomorrow is my father’s birthday. I made him a basic cake without decorations, and I will cook two ducks, with potatoes, stuffing and gravy.

All right back to the subject on hand, as for my plans for Camp NaNoWriMo and ROW80 Round two

  1. Thirty days of Camp NaNoWriMo and twenty-three days of ROW80. I will start working on my unfinished WriMo draft.
  2. Edit a bit and start writing. A minimum of thirty minutes a day.
  3. During Round two of ROW80, post twenty three days, if I hit a snag I would start writing a flash fiction. And let that sit back in my memory banks.
  4. Make writing plans along the way.



3 thoughts on “Final ROW80 check-in for Round one

  1. Thanks for giving me credit for suggesting flash fiction, Barry. May those 30 minutes a day lead to terrific stories. The latest I found from a friend is just a title (so far): The Girl With a Goat. And so we persevere.

    • Your welcome. A busy little bee indeed. Yeah, who knows what my noggin would churn up.
      By the way I noticed that you used MS Word.
      anyways thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I like the idea of flash fiction — it sounds like my mini stories. I regret to report that any fiction, no matter how short, runs into blocks. Tell us how the flashes are going.
    Quite a feast for you father — he is a worthy man and deserves the best. I only wish I could be there to express my respect for him directly.

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