my Late ROW80 midweek check in

All right, I missed my first midweek ROW80 check in, yesterday. Better late than never.  It’s my tenth day of Camp NaNoWriMo. Nothing much to report, except last night I had written two hundred forty five words. It had been a real slow week. Falling short of my goal of two thousand word a day.
Whenever I try my hand in free writing mode, words tend to sparse and less refined. Today, nothing has been written.
This evening or tonight, it would be hammer time.


2 thoughts on “my Late ROW80 midweek check in

  1. can I offer you a cup of strong coffee and repay your welcome:) – cheer up maybe tomorrow (if you have avoided hammer time) words will pulsate with life and tumble broken dam like – all the best:)

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