Mid-week checkin, ROW80 Round 2

ROW80LogocopyAll right this is my late mid week ROW80. And its the last day of camp NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my word count goal. For two nights I haven’t been writing. It seems that my writing had slowed to a crawl, no more than eighty words or less.
ROW80 Round Two aint over yet. More writing has to be done. Tomorrow I may let that Camp NaNoWriMo draft rest, or continue onward.


9 thoughts on “Mid-week checkin, ROW80 Round 2

  1. Here here! (from another Camp NaNo “failure”… which I don’t really consider myself, but note for sake of observing the rules)

    Sometimes life changes around us. In my case, I realized several things were going in the opposite direction for what I wanted to achieve. Perhaps your failure to write these last few days was your brain saying “hold on, let’s look at this a bit more carefully”. Perhaps it was fatigue, or just preoccupation… or…

    Either way, the Round is still going. Don’t berate yourself for yesterday, just move on today so tomorrow will be a good one.

    • Sorry for the late response. Yeah round two is not over. Things have a way propping up during camp NaNoWriMo. I have a hit a snag, my laptop crashed on me. Just few days ago, there was a clicking noise on my laptop. I asked my cousin’s son to retrieve the data from it,

      • I think it’s more “things have a way of popping up when we really want to focus our energies on something else”. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the laptop. Is it truly dead or perhaps a (relatively) simple repair like new memory or CPU?

      • I think it may be dead,
        As for my other scrivener projects they are intact, of which means, I haven’t worked on them since prior to April. I should find out what is the status of my entire contents. I should have invested in a external hard drive.

      • Should haves… could haves…. No use beating yourself up over it now (though you could go the path my husband did when he realized that the harddrive holding over eight years of photos had died and he hadn’t bothered to back it up… learn how to read Russian and Polish so he could rebuild the thing… which he did, not just well enough to retrieve stuff but so it works sort of).

        Do you use a service like SpiderOak or Dropbox? They make good offsite backups too.

      • Unfortunately no. my internet is not wireless unfortunately. Plus it’s speed is quite limited. The community internet is faster than dial up though.

        thanks again for commenting.

  2. As long as you’re still writing, that’s what counts. I frequently have days when I planned to write more and it just didn’t work out that way. There’s still plenty of time left in Round 2 of ROW80, though. Happy writing!

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