a quick update

Life seems to get moody. My half sister Gisele on my mother’s side had an infection, the doctors successfully stemmed it. But she lost a toe.

My younger sister Bev, doesn’t have dog food, for her two dogs. She’s in a hole. Either, I will have to make an order or buy some for her. Of which will crimp into my pocket book.

I will have to make two stops, head to my father’s house, make money and come back with his change. And head to the Attawapiskat power corporation and check how huge my bill would be. Regardless, I am going to pay two hundred or less. From their guesstimation it would be around 300 bucks, or close to three hundred. 

Next month I will have to renew McAffee Internet Suite, when the remaining 30 days starts rolling down.  Speaking of which I will wait until tomorrow evening to download and install the other things on to my computer. I will have to take inventory on Monday evening.

Tomorrow  Dave will be back and it may be possibly Fluffy’s last night here. if Dave’s flight wasn’t delayed. 


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