Non-writing update. my toshiba laptop croaked

All right, I am pissed. I had reset windows 8 acer laptop twice. This afternoon with the entire reset to factory settings. The second time this evening, was a quick reset. I had to refrain from installing my thumb drives and my mouse. Until the internet is back to its usual self. Until then I won’t be able to post anything or surf online. Sucks when the internet is goofy.

It’s not the recent Windows 8.1, it’s windows 8. Of which means I will have to do a whole lot of updates, I mean a whole lot of updates, before I can surf online. My Toshiba laptop had finally croaked after almost two years of service. All of my stuff is there, including my recent scrivener project aka camp NaNoWriMo and the one I had just started working on. And one of the ebooks I just downloaded from and start reading. The current one is a basic laptop. The last one available at the windows, and boy I was surprised.

I will have to order one particular item, specifically used attaching to an internal hard drive via USB. It’s available on amazon and probably on walmart. I will have to get myself an external hard drive, just in case this laptop decides to croak once again. I have saw one on walmart, at a decent price. But it will have to be at a later date.

Three items I would have to order, an external optical drive. an item that I mentioned briefly and external hard drive. I decided not to order a printer for laptop, due to budget constraints. The external optical drive would come last.

If I do get online, and the stupid internet hold. I will look for it and post a picture of an item I am referring. I don’t know if the internal hard drive I carefully pulled out is salvageable or not. The 2.5 internal hard disk drive is SATA.

Typically an order from takes about ten to two weeks minimum.


Check list
tweaked the power setting, set my laptop not to dim and sleep mode when plugged in and unplugged.
update Windows on my laptop
download software, mozilla fire fox, LibreOffice, Kindle for desktop, Adobe reader and possibly java for LibreOffice
redownload scrivener and locate scrivener license.
order one particular item.
check the inventory
check the inventory the second time and if anything on the external hard drive is salvageable.

update,downloading the windows update is a little slow.


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