Sunday ROW80 Check in.

All this is my late ROW80 check in. As I mentioned non my blog earlier, I have some grim news, I failed to make copy of my recent work to my USB flash drive.
I wrote a quick blog. Of which it is going to be dull two weeks. It will be more than week or two until I get that damn item.
Being constantly on budget stinks. The moral of the story is that I should have copy and pasted entire scrivener projects to USB thumb drive on a nightly basis. It would have save me the headache of losing my hard work. But then again. I should have gotten myself an external hard drive.
I think may be it’s an opportunity to work on another story, while I wait for the possible order to come in. I will test this new laptop out, that I mention earlier that it’s a basic laptop.
Speaking of which, I tested the feature on scrivener that I didn’t try out until yesterday. I changed the name of the female character, well just one of the three characters. I clicked on find and typed in the name of the character replaced it all with the new name, in one file. the beauty of scrivener that it makes a writer’s task a tad easier.
Update. I asked Daryl, my cousin’s son, if he were to retrieve all of my files data from the internal hard drive. I told him that I don’t have much money, after asking him for help. His fee was surprisingly cheap, fifteen dollars.
He said that he would come back with his own hard drive and restore my lost items.
I will wait and see if all of files and current my scrivener projects would be intact. Fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “Sunday ROW80 Check in.

  1. I hope you get your work back! I’ve experienced that, and it’s a horrible feeling. I should really get an external hard-drive, too, but like you said… money. :/

    • Thanks for stopping by.
      I hope so too. the best way one could do is stash all of yours writings, or scrivenings to USB thumb drive, aka making copies of one’s work (copy and paste). Not much, but its the best one can do.
      Sometimes you can find good decent hard drive about 89 to 100 bucks, at walmart and other locations.
      Hopefully the all of my work along with media I have on there would be restored to me.
      I will post an update later this evening

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