All right I am back, non writing update.

Sorry about that long delay. I haven’t post much up here.

A few things had happened. One the internal hard drive to my Toshiba laptop had croaked. All of stuff on that hard disk is gone. So I’m stuck with this Acer desktop. This machine looks nice, but it has windows 8.0, I decided not to risk upgrading to windows 8.1. After reading online that some had ran into big time trouble after upgradingĀ  to windows 8.1. So that would give me until January 2016. Not very long time, but just enough to continue writing.

I am thinking of re-purposing my old laptop. Install a new internal hard drive, it will have to be Western Digital. Install Ubuntu OS on there, update that bastard if needed and cross my fingers. Hope that son of bitch works. Of course, a 2GB 2.0 usb thumb drive would be needed. I will have to order a crap load of them. One would have to be sacrificed of course.
I have a little trouble with the verification code. So I decided to set not ask me for my verification, considering I frequently log on to it. This taught me a lesson, be very careful when using verification codes. Especially when asking for a replacement code via email, or by phone with voice automated, not text. Your landline phone is not text capable. With some users they refuse to work and possibly blocking you from your own account. Stay the heck away from two step verification. Whatever you do, don’t use the two step verification. It would be a cold day in hell before I would use that feature. I am not going to say I told you so.


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