random thoughts, and thoughts.

Thoughts of re-purposing the old Toshiba laptop with Ubuntu OS. It’s going to be a huge ass learning curve for me after successfully installed that damn thing on to that computer. It would better to buy the DVD from Ubuntu from them, rather than risking making a mistake. If I can find where I can buy one, where it can be purchased local country.

But then again, I could use wine for installing scrivener. Or use LibreOffice, import to RTF and continue working on it. Though I lost two or three licenses. After resetting my laptop once back to default setting and refresh PC. Leaving me about one or two licenses left. Fortunately I was able to deactivate my scrivener from my old HP laptop via piggy backing on wireless lan network, before removing the hard drive.  

I am going to refocus my old habits using USB thumb drives. I am thinking of ordering 16GB USB thumb drives for holding the pics, I want to store.


One thought on “random thoughts, and thoughts.

  1. Very fine summary of your situation. The complexity of recovering your scrivener mirrors my own experience. I hope your supply of thumb drives holds out until you get that 1 terabyte external hard drive.

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