Another random thought

When paying my telephone with my we visa card, it saved me seven dollars, plus stamp and tax. A little pocket change here and there.

Considering that I have ten debits per a month. I will use my prepaid visa card to pay for my Equal Payment Plan that I used to purchase this computer. I am thinking of paying eighty a month.

One for my northern APA account.

Second for loading my visa Card.

Another for hydro/utilities

we Visa Card for paying my EPP account

We Visa card for cable and internet

we visa card for my telephone.

I am going to make personal sacrifices, refrain from going to coffee shop, no more sweets, no more sandwiches for myself. Until I paid off this stupid computer, of which would become no longer supported by January 2016.

In regards to Linux Operating System, I found out that it’s huge learning curve and not to mention a huge learning experience. Easy for beginners my foot, if I installed it on my Toshiba laptop, its going to a huge learning experience. Too bad that I have no wireless to test it on. It would be either Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

Speaking of which, when next month rolls to town, I will do the same thing with my father’s telephone bill, help him pay his telephone bill via we visa credit card.  Damn convenient, at least I won’t have to make money orders for him.


2 thoughts on “Another random thought

  1. That we visa card is going to prove very convenient. And I hope save you some money. But I warn you, it is unwise to try to sacrifice life’s little pleasures — you have to treat yourself to coffee and donuts.

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