Non writing update. Thoughts and this morning snag.

All little recap, I decided not upgrade to windows 8.1. Due to me currently being strapped for cash. Possibly postponing an unexpected hiccup and unwanted surprise when it comes to upgrading to the next OS.

When I do I will ask one of the techs here in Attawapiskat. It will cost me a pretty penny. But I think it may be worth the trouble, if the damn laptop works that is. I am hoping that Microsoft would place the new windows 8.1 on Microsoft store. The previous windows 8.1 without the patch will no longer be supported.

Just this morning, I had hit a trouble. My computer rolled back the updates I tried to install. I learned another lesson there, be damn careful. But next month of June, I will let McAffe do its download and install windows update for me. That way less hiccups and no more waiting.

Speaking of writing, I haven’t gone to writing yet. But I should get cracking.


2 thoughts on “Non writing update. Thoughts and this morning snag.

  1. When the computer messes up, it lends to frustration, annoyance, irritability, plus any number of cuss words. The best part with all that is to write down your feelings and when you need them for a character, you’ll have a lot of “realism”. Don’t let the computer slow down your writing!!

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