non writing update. updating my OS.

I haven’t written anything in a while. One, I am currently downloading upgrade to windows 8.1. it stalled last evening. So basically I had to start over again. Either that something is wrong, or there are many people online  via Attawapiskat community Internet. Who knows. Right now my current download completion says thirty-two percent.

It will take a whole night. Of course, the reason I wanted to download and install windows 8.1 and install windows 8.1 patch. So I can use this computer in five years time.

I don’t know what problems may arise. Of course, I could run into errors with my laptop that runs windows 8.0/8.1 Operating System. But I will have download and update everything that also includes drivers for Acer laptop. I am not technical, I will ask for assistance from Acer.

Of course, I am starting to think that microsoft is starting to become draconian in regards to users of windows Operating System.

To be honest with you. I kinda miss my old windows 7 Toshiba laptop. At least windows 7 sp1 operating system would be supported for a long time.


2 thoughts on “non writing update. updating my OS.

  1. This is an interesting point because I run a Windows 8 laptop and it keeps asking me to install the update to 8.1. I have however not heard anything good about 8.1 and that it is unreliable and unstable and so I am kind of stuck at the moment, hanging on to 8 but not really knowing what to do. Would appreciate your feedback once you’ve done the update.

    • Indeed. A friend of mine had said time to update is now. After making several screw ups. Fortunately I asked for USB recovery USB media drive.

      Long story short, I agree with a friend of mine. I swallowed my pride and dip my toe in that stupid update. Currently I am redownloading it, it will be another night until and morning until its does it work. I will report back.

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