non-writing update. windows update 8.1

All right, I am back. I had a few issues with my laptop after upgrading to windows 8.1. It refused to boot whenever I restart. After resetting my laptop back to factory default via usb erecovery media.

When the same issue occured the second time, I refused to go back to Windows 8 after all that work, so I turned off blue tooth. And it was able to reboot after restarting the computer.

I had to download a wireless lan driver with BT Driver, when the download is complete, click open and click on modify, all without unzipping the zip folder. I let app do its work. Reboot that damn thing and so far, my laptop was able to reboot from restarting.

As for getting that update patch, it hasn’t showed up on windows update. I will have to do that manually, download windows 8.1 update patch from the Microsoft main site. Considering that I paid money for this laptop. And I don’t want to throw money away. 


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