ROW80 Round Three

All right, I am back, it’s been a while since I posted on my blog. I’m a little late. In regards to round three of ROW80, I am currently participating July Camp NaNoWriMo and this round of ROW80.

The current tale I am currently working on, is a little difficult considering that the character is about sixteen years of age. So basically I don’t know how this tale will come out. But rather than planning the story, I am going to write from the seat of my pants.

My ROW80 goals are, participate in Camp WriMo, Post July work on two different tales and the one I am still stitching together, the one where my laptop rudely croaked.


2 thoughts on “ROW80 Round Three

  1. Sometimes writing by the seat of your pants works, other times you’ll get lost and confused. My first 2 novels were more “seat” writing, but I’ve decided to have a better outline this time. My 2nd novel has taken far too long because I keep making changes with every read-through.
    Knowing my characters, they’ll still take me for a ride in spite of my planning, but at least I’ll have an outline I can either return to or discover I like where we went and start with a whole new concept.

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