All right, thoughts about this new KIndle Unlimited

All right, in regards to the recent news and online chatter about Amazon, from the looks of it. That the company itself may go through with a subscription service, a netflix for ebooks and audiobooks. It’s basically a library, you borrow ebooks and audiobooks, but don’t buy them under this Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service.

I don’t know how it will affect the self published authors and small publishers. I think that there would be a chance that Amazon would feel that it would no longer offer seventy percent for those who had signed up for KDP select. 

There’s a likely chance that this new Kindle Unlimited will cut into sales of authors and publishers alike. I have considered and will eventually take the self published route. Of course, going self pubbed will be difficult and possibly expensive. Not everyone has the luxury of having extra funds lying around.

But a few things are still at nagging me, when I read several articles online. Would I get paid in decent /good amount, or would I get nothing. The worse thing that would happen to a writer, is that he or she would get nothing after all that hard work. 


One thought on “All right, thoughts about this new KIndle Unlimited

  1. I agree with you. I do not think this system would benefit the authors, since it would scarcely pay a large amount to them. Even now, the royalties that come in from a regular ebook publication are rather small.

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