Memory Lane. an evening at airport waiting for groceries

There used to be a business called Zudel’s Limited, it was located in Timmins, Ontario. Before they closed their doors for good. Me and the old man often pool our funds together prior to ordering groceries. And we divide the loot according to our shopping lists.

Poultry, ground beef and perishables were affordable but the dry goods such as rice, oatmeal, flour and so forth are expensive to order. My father never order eggs and potatoes during the winter time, they tend to spoil when they freeze outside. The usual items were okay, once they were brought in the freezer.

I remember one particular evening. Earlier in a day, I was told that my order would be arriving late. By the time, we headed straight to the airport, it was all ready nightfall. It was bad enough the heater went kaput in the Autumn or summer. While the old man was behind the wheel, we had to keep the windows open, to prevent the wind shield from fogging up and frost forming. It was damn uncomfortable inside the truck. The upside the wind was mild.

Typically it takes thirty minutes or less for the items to be offloaded from Air Creebec Cargo. But waiting for plane to come in was longer. To warm up, we had to enter inside the airport building.

As moments went on, sure enough, the wind started to pick up. I was thankful that I had my toque on, thermal underwear aka long johns, a pair of boots on and neck warmer to prevent the wind from giving me a hickey.

If I remember correctly we used a different truck to drop me home, across town.  After we divided the loot.


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