ROW80 Check in round three. Didn’t met my quota

ROW80LogocopyI have hit a wall in literary sense. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my goal in this ROW80 round. A few things had sprouted up, that had my mind pre-occupied. It seem to be in standstill, My muse had taken off somewhere, either moonlighting or possibly kidnapped or being held hostage. But I decided to read a few books. Belgariad Saga by David Eddings.

My sleeping habits are once again sporadic. Keeping odd and random hours. An occasional nap here and there.

Would I participate in ROW80 round four? Oh yes indeed, considering that I haven’t worked on my writing.

On the other news, Autumn had officially arrived, though the warm temperature still lingers. I had scouted for some dried grass, I have found several good patches. But it will take some time for the grass to dry. Roughly several mother-lodes to keep my dog nice and cozy.

As for my writing, it will come back. No need to pull out my hair at wits end.


5 thoughts on “ROW80 Check in round three. Didn’t met my quota

  1. Asa close friend and correspondent I knew all this. And yet, it is a clear examination of your recent months and your plans for the near future. Good summaries are hard to write. Wonderful writing!

    • Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, life can twitchy at times. Things have a way of popping up like toast ready to be slathered with butter. Sometimes thinking too much can drive one bonkers or lose one’s marbles.

      I think that things will mellow out. And writing will return

  2. Take heart, all will work out. You are still here and planning on Round 4. That’s awesome! Keeping fighting. Keeping writing. It does get better. We all have rough times, bad weeks, goals unfinished. I just came off of a great week and this week has been meh. Still trying though. One must remember, as long as you are happy and trying, that is the main thing. I’ll be around for Round 4, if you need an internet shoulder. 🙂

    Take care!

    • Thanks for the kind words and stopping by. In addition to ROW80 round 4 I would participate NaNoWriMo. While I gather my writing juju. Like all mad dash during WriMo, post WriMo most of the words written would be snipped, trimmed and rewritten.

      As Dave a teacher who I became chummy with last year, had stated several times, the best time to write right is right now.

      I took a quick peek on your blog I bookmarked it.

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