It’s almost ROW80 round 4 – Forgot to prep but here it goes

row80logocopyUnfortunately I haven’t prepped for Round 4 of ROW80. My mind was a little fluttered. And unfortunately no supply of M&Ms.
But I will merge NaNoWriMo with ROW80. Post WriMo would leave me about 25 days to work on and then pass out at my keyboards.

  • Work either one of several stories I have in the back burner.
  • Or possibly switch between different tales, hopefully they won’t merge.
  • Blog
  • Check in
  • Read more
  • Chat with a good friend Bill or Will.
  • Work on NaNoWriMo
  • Post NaNoWriMo, it will give me 24 days to work on another story

I won’t know how things would flow at the moment, I think I will have to wing it.


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