ROW80 round 4 Mid week check in first check in.

All right this is my midweek check in. I have nothing much to report that I decided to do some light editing. For two days, I haven’t done anything. My word count is roughly a hundred. But my instincts tell me to write. Hopefully my writing would pick up.

I have been reading Belgariad saga, not too bad.

On the other news, my printer had arrived, turns out that I ordered a printer, not one of those all in one printer. Pretty decent printer I may add. Oh yeah I almost damaged my printer, when I print out an envelope after forgetting to open the output tray. Fortunately it still works. Next time, I will keep that stupid output tray open. I printed fourteen times including the test prints.

Speaking of which, as for my goals for this Round. I will work on one or several stories. Depending how well I would keep them separate. At the moment, I decided to work on my WriMo Scrivener Project where I had left off so long ago.

As for NaNoWriMo, it’s still way off. No plans which tale to write, again that would come later.


3 thoughts on “ROW80 round 4 Mid week check in first check in.

  1. I always have a problem with equipment, and my printer doesn’t like me very much – perhaps I work it too hard 🙂 Have fun with the Scrivener project – I look forward to checking in along the round to see how you’re doing.

    • Thanks for stopping, Scrivener is a decent software, some people have trouble with it, others just take to it, like ducks to water. I didn’t even know that it has a name generator, though a limited one. Until I explored that damn thing. Writing is an interesting journey. Sometimes hair pulling at wit’s end or staring at blank document screen.
      Yeah computers and printers can be moody at times. Sometimes they croak, as on case of mine, the hard drive of my laptop croaked. But I decided to take a simple approach, making copies aka backing up my writing on usb thumb drives.
      come back any time 😀

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