Drone developers get big open source boost from Linux Foundation, vendors like 3D Robotics and Box

definitely cool indeed. would be useful to check the water levels during Ice break and lost fools who decided to go on the winter road during the winter time


Drones are a hot topic right now, attracting not just big names like Amazon and Google, but thousands of independent developers who want to use aerial technology for fields like conservation, commerce, search and rescue, and scientific research.

On Monday, those developers got a big piece of good news: the Linux Foundation and ten companies announced the “Dronecode Project,” which will offer a huge repository of open source code for people to build aerial operating systems, navigation tools and other features for unmanned aircraft.

While Linux code is already part of many drone-related projects, the new initiative consolidates many of these assets under one roof, providing a common platform as well as communications and governance tools. And, of course, the code will be available to anyone who wants to use it.

The Dronecode Project will be overseen by the Linux Foundation, but it is also receiving some high-profile industry support, including from Chris Anderson, the former Wired

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