My late check-in ROW80 Sunday

ROW80LogocopyAll right this is Sunday ROW80 check in, well a day late. My writing goals is a little abysmal at the moment. Looks like my writing had decided to take a vacation or is being kidnapped.

I had printed out after exporting several clips from scrivener projects. I had to export scrivener docs to ODF file format, so the Libre Office won’t get all cross-eyed.

The pages look crisp and it didn’t jab me in the eyes.

I didn’t mention this earlier, but as you may recalled from my earlier experiences with windows 8.1 upgrade. After it got all a little finicky and moody. One of my usb thumb drives, a little one of which I stored my meagre files, was wiped clean. Gee thanks MicroSoft.

Aside from that, Much of my music is recovered except for Helen of Troy TV Miniseries OST, my writing had started from a crawl.

I have been eyeing several of my drafts, train of thoughts refusing to settle down. Either that, or I finally lost my marbles.


3 thoughts on “My late check-in ROW80 Sunday

  1. I think my motivation is on vacation too 🙂 I don’t think it’s been kidnapped, though I’m so tired I wouldn’t have noticed! Don’t worry about losing your marbles – they’re probably spending time on a retreat with your writing! Hope you’re back in full swing this week. It was nice to catch up.

  2. My Muse went on hiatus for a couple months starting in July. I’ve only reconnected with her again in the last couple of weeks. The trick for me was giving myself permission to relax and carving out time to sit and stare at the wall. It’s amazing how much my mind calms down when I give myself 30-60 minutes without talking, without Internet, without reading, without electronics. Just sitting and letting my mind drift. Hope you have a good week!

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