Windows media player crashed and memory lane.

Well this was an interesting evening, my windows media player had crashed many times. I think I was able to resolved the problem by googling online. Then my windows explorer stopped working three times. Fortunately the Windows OS didn’t crashed.

It seems to me that I had a run of misfortune or life decided to spoof on me. My windows media player crashed again after the quick fix. My windows media player library is corrupted. Then I proceeded to check online for some useful answers. Followed what was written and proceeded with caution. One mistake would kill my laptop.

I don’t feel like restoring my computer back to factory default settings. I spent hell of the time remedying one hiccup. Not to mention spending close to four days to download more than three gigs of free windows 8.1 upgrade. Of which I found out that the blue tooth driver was incompatible with windows 8.1. That was interfering with the restarting of my laptop. After remedying that hiccup the rest was history.

Speaking of which, I will have to get two external hard drives. Though the reliability of Seagate external hard drives is questionable at times. Like other external hard drives. I would be extremely annoyed if my recent laptop decides to croak.

I don’t know how things would pan out, I may switch to VLC media player for my digital music box. If windows media player continues its twitchiness. But I think that I should be all right.


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