Another midweek check-in ROW80 and ramblings

row80logocopyAnother midweek check-in. I have nothing to report, no writing. My writing refused to return. Fingers hovering over the keyboards. Aside that I decided to engage some dialogue and feedback with my online friend Bill. Pertaining to one of the stories, one of which I have yet to write.

But somehow the Internet decided to act stupid. Slowing down to crawl. It happens from time to time, acting like a mean bastard.

Some good news, a high capacity ink cartridge for my HP printer and electronic wipes had arrived. Bad news I ordered the wrong, not a total loss. It would be used on my keyboards and laptop, except for the screen. I ordered another wipe this time, LCD wipes. I sure hope its alcohol and ammonia-free.

Anyways sometime tomorrow, I will continue on with discussion with old Bill. It would be interesting to read what Bill’s opinion.

In regards to another story, I wonder if I should change the character’s name. Sam sounds a little bland, considering that the character is male to female transsexual. And I think the tale is speculative fiction or possibly science fantasy.


10 thoughts on “Another midweek check-in ROW80 and ramblings

  1. I can completely relate to the naming of characters. Perhaps the more you get into the story, the more you’ll know whether the name fits. The only problem with that is there’s a danger of getting used to it and then it feels weird to begin calling them something else. What about picking an obscure name, or giving them a nickname until you decide. Does Sam have a defining characteristic that you could google to help with a name? Does the character go through a transition where they would like to change their name to fit their new life? So many questions and not many solutions! Good luck with it 🙂

    • Thanks.
      Actually Sam was written into the story during my first stint of NaNoWriMo. Even though I established several characters. I’ll admit that I can’t stand the term gender neutral. Anyways after reading thru chopped down version, I imagine her in the present form as a raven haired woman. She’s one of the characters.
      I was looking at several pictures, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Complete and Nina Dobrev.
      It was her post gender transition that she was loosely introduced.

      • That’s a tough one! I can see a picture of her, but I can’t make a name fit 🙂 Maybe call her Raven until you come up with something. She definitely needs something striking…like Adira or Caia (who I think was the Roman Goddess of fire and women). It will be interesting to learn what you come up with!

      • Ah hoy there, I noticed that you used your imagination what she would look like, in a rough approximation, with the help of Google, of course, or other search engine. Adira or Caia sounds catchy. Amara, Mikaela, and Aliena sounds good, Irina sounds a bit foreign, who knows something will click.
        A friend once said that you would have to draw other people’s imagination. And no two are alike.
        Of course that this tale is possibly speculative fiction. Oh yeah, when I first written in her in to the tale, I was thinking may be I should kill her off, then decided to let the story write itself. As a saying goes, a roll of the dice.
        Interesting enough, my light research revealed that male to female transsexuals lose some of their physical strength and stamina. I noticed the same thing in regards to Sam the MtF character. It explains how Sam got two cracked ribs and a bruised ego.

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