my midweek and a bit inane chatter

ROW80LogocopyThis my midweek check-in. NaNoWriMo is around the corner. My mind is still stuck in rut, my groove hasn’t return yet. Probably its out in the open like a bull moose in rutting season, afraid of nobody. However I did continue on researching for my MtF character code named Sam, I won’t say whether or not that she’s one of the main characters. Height and weight, well I would let my fingers do the typing and see where it leads.

A quick recap on my light research. Typically MtF transsexuals lose their upper body strength and stamina, due to the hormones they take. Overall, genital reassignment surgery is expensive, not to mention the cost of breast implants and facial feminization surgery, and recovery time. Oh yeah the human body treats the neovaginal cavity as an open wound.

Quite surprisingly, those who transitioned at a young age, via hormones blockers and oestrogen, they look like their genetic female counterparts. Natural bust size, along with markers of the female species.

In regards to MtF character Sam, who knows how the tale would unfold. Considering that the WIP is speculative fiction with sci-fi on there. I figured that the tale should write itself.

paying it forward


8 thoughts on “my midweek and a bit inane chatter

    • Your welcome. Indeed, especially when picking a name for a certain character. I was staring at blank document on my screen, sitting on my rear end. I was pleasantly surprised that one YouTube confirmed several things I dug up.
      Feel free to comment anytime. Thanks for stopping by

  1. Excellent research. But I am doubtful that the story will right itself — even with a good profile you have to steer the characters through beginning-middle-end. / Bill

    • Thanks for stopping by. To be honest with you, I was surprised when the character was written in my first NaNoWriMo stint, even though two other characters were all ready established, whom I labelled mustard and ketchup.
      I think I may pick that story up again in NaNoWriMo, or write something different, who knows. Best of luck in NaNoWriMo and your writings as well. I think you may either need skittles or M&Ms that has kick or bite to them. 😉

  2. Great work on the research. I can’t wait to find out what you do with her, (and what you name her!). I hope you don’t make her suffer too much, though if she made herself known when you didn’t expect her – I’d say that makes her a very feisty character indeed 😉 She wants to be heard and she won’t take no for an answer! Have fun with her. Sorry I’m late at the commenting, by the way. I’m really playing catch up… I could use another cup of coffee 🙂

    • Welcome back, no worries, passing you that famous blend of coffee. Next to the Chuck Norris approved label, another label, Warrior Poet Spirit approved, an image of a warrior brandish a tomahawk in one hand and a quill on another.
      I’m a little late myself in comments, internet here sometimes have a mild case of narcolepsy.
      As for the MtF character, I think she may get into more scuffles. I am going have to move the fight scene further, its a bit choppy, chapter one is still being moody.
      Anyways I think she has a role to play in the story. 😉

      • I hate it when chapters are moody…you’ll get there when you battle it out! The Warrior Poet Spirit sounds absolutely perfect – I’ll take a shot or two 😉 I think she definitely has a role to play and she’ll let you know what it is in good time. It’s past midnight here so I’d better hit the hay…I’ll heat the excellent labelled coffee in the morning, thanks 🙂

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