It’s almost WriMo time and so much to do, a redo version.

With two more check-ins before this blasted NaNoWriMo starts. And I haven’t even prep yet. I don’t know which tale to write. Or that I should continue writing the WIP with the MtF character in that tale.

In regards to the other two female character, both of whom, I roughly labelled in this post as mustard and ketchup, aka the blonde and the redhead. All things considered, the fight scene is too early, so it will be nudge to Chapter Two or Three. Not sure where to place the flash back, but it will come to me.

Sometime before my laptop croaked, I got rid of the prologue and most of my written material.

The downside of post NaNoWriMo is the messy jigsaw puzzle. Due to the mad dash and the screeching halt. When this upcoming NaNoWriMo rolls to town, I will make full use of the scrivener documents, including the NaNoWriMo scriv document. So I won’t have piece the damn WIP together. Naturally both of those documents, in scrivener project looked the same, but with the special template, on the right bottom side, it tells you the magic number 1,667.

As for several WIP I will have to roll the dice and write from there. So much to think about, so little time.


2 thoughts on “It’s almost WriMo time and so much to do, a redo version.

  1. You certainly are aware of the problems. There is nothing to be said about the idea of writing a novel in one month — it is crazy. But you are clever enough (mustard and catsup is great) and you did a lot of rushing last time. Do not despair. Go ahead and try to enjoy it. / Bill

    • Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, only you know the name of the two characters.
      There’s method to all the madness, unless I butchered that saying.My first stint of NaNoWriMo, I didn’t even know how to update the word count properly, until I input the complete tally word count. A month of writing, cue a deluge of words. The upside it produced a diamond in the rough.

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