My ROW80 check-in. Mam O Man, bummer

ROW80LogocopyAll this is my Sunday check-in. And with one more check-in to go, NaNoWriMo is lurking around the corner, staring at me menacingly.

I was going to sit down and type out a few words, but on cue, my shoulder starts to ache. The same spot where I had flu shot several years ago. Either that or I’m getting old. Anyways it’s been bugging me since around 9PM Eastern Time. I decided to sleep it off, then again my right shoulder never stopped bitching. For now that mild throbbing on my right shoulder had stopped.

Anyways I haven’t met any goals for this ROW80 check-in. Other than reading more reading materials to fuel the fire. However I did some Googling for more goodies and useless info online. but hey every scrap of info can be useful.

I haven’t figured out which tale to write for this NaNoWriMo, as one good friend had said last year, best time to write is right now. Part of my goals had fallen through the floor.

  • Work either one of several stories I have in the back burner.
  • Or possibly switch between different tales, hopefully they won’t merge.

So far, I haven’t written a damn word, other than an my meagre word count that occasionally trickles. It will be writing from the seat of my pants.


11 thoughts on “My ROW80 check-in. Mam O Man, bummer

  1. A flu shot from several years ago is still bothering you? I think you’re just getting old. I know what that’s like. I don’t know if naproxen sodium (i.e. Aleve) is available over-the-counter where you are (I used to bring a couple bottles of it to a friend in Toronto because she couldn’t get it without a prescription), but the stuff is great for muscular and joint pain. Trust me, I’ve been taking it a lot lately. Ibuprofen (Advil) is good, too, but it can be a little rough on the stomach.

    Good luck with NaNo; I’ll be sitting it out.

    • Thanks, I use Motrin regular strength, I limit myself to four capsules a day. It’s practical in my opinion, granted that pain meds only dull the aches and stiff. Unfortunately Aleve is not available at the local store and convenient store.
      Each to his own, considering that each person has his writing to attend to.
      Good luck to your writings as well. passes you some coffee, with fighting spirit added to it.
      I think you may be right, I am getting old, gah-shen-no old man in cree.
      I will check your blog later,
      Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. NaNo looks menacing right now, but the beast is just impatient to begin! Plus, not enough caffeine can make anyone grumpy and its waiting for all the coffee-drinking, M&M munching, finger-tapping, sleep-deprived writers who have no idea what they let themselves in for! I’m sure ‘seat of the pants’ writing is the way many people will go. Just plant your fingers on the keyboard and the words will come (think of it as a similar concept to Field of Dreams)!

    • Thanks for stopping. Whispering in a hush tone, if you write it they would come. . . I would say “what…!” Oh yeah, NaNo the intimidator, cue the trailer music Requiem (Godzilla trailer) Gyorgy Ligeti, a menacing quality.
      I have been thinking about female characters more often. Cue the inner voice, Get them WRITTEN DOWN!!!! Almost lost my hearing there. 😛

  3. Very good friend. You are a writer one week before you sit down to write. An honest assessment of the tensions involved now. When you start to write, another set of tensions will appear.
    But whoever said the writer’s life is easy?

    • I’m a little late in responding. It’s been said that writing is an interesting journey. Unexpected hiccups and surprises wrapped as presents in a sea of words. During and post NaNoWriMo, words readied to be woven by a master weaver hands. Prepared with writing implement of choice for our writing journeys.

  4. Ah, NaNoWriMo. It’s like an old lover – it drives you crazy and keeps you sane all at the same time, and most of the time you can’t even tell the difference. 😉 Perhaps the best strategy would be to just sit down and wing it. You might not actually get to 50k (or you might write 50k of crapola), but that’s what editing is for, no?

    • Thanks for stopping. Indeed WriMo has that tendency to do that. This will be my second outing, cue NaNoWriMo purring like an old lover.
      I think you may be right. 😛 As for word count, they moodily vary between each writer. Cue the song Wing It . . .! Instead of Michael Jackson’s Beat it. . .! Or when I’m stuck cue another song, can’t write this, instead of can’t touch this, by MC Hammer.
      Thanks again for stopping, feel free to drop in again.

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