My mid-week ROW80 check-NaNoWriMo and quick thoughts

ROW80LogocopyThis is my semi-late ROW80 mid-week check-in. My first days of ROW80 hasn’t pan out as I planned. Now NaNoWriMo is just several steps away from my door, and still I haven’t prepped anything for this month of November.

While some are busily prepping and others are itching to write their new works. I have several options, either work on one of two different WIP that had been in my mental bin for quite a while, or continue working on my current WIP. Naturally the lure of writing something from the seat of my pants is tempting indeed.

Considering what tomorrow may bring, who knows.

As the MtF character code named Sam, the tale she’s in, can wait after NaNoWriMo. The tides of writing has a habit of forking to other roads.  In regards to writing, it’s like a game of Roulette in Casino, without being rigged in the house’s favour.


5 thoughts on “My mid-week ROW80 check-NaNoWriMo and quick thoughts

  1. Wow, if you’re working on two different WIP’s you’re going to need more of the good stuff *hands over industrial sized bag of M&M’s and a delta-force strength coffee* At this point who needs plans, right?! Just go for it…let the inner writer spread those glorious wings and fly, fly, fly! 🙂

    • Thanks, after taking a sip from the cup of coffee, cue the theme from Delta Force. An epic theme for writing. 😛 😉
      It’s a tough choice indeed, and yes, looks like, I’ll be winging it. Let my inner writer fly like Neo from the matrix trilogy.
      now when NaNoWriMo hits full gear, when other writers drink their coffee they would give out their war shrieks, and commence writing. 😉

  2. Delightful. The mind likes to wander — if one is devoting everything to a single project, it likes to stop and consider other projects to work on. I say go with them, yet don’t hold onto the distraction. Keep an “Idea Log” next to your keyboard and write down these ideas. You will build up a reservoir. Then later on, when NaNoWriMo is a thing of the past, you can pull out your list and try these new ideas. / Bill

    • Thanks, yeah one of the good things about NaNoWriMo is the written material. Best of luck in your writing journey as well, passing you some hot cocoa with the fighting spirit that would make the muses as Valkyries with monstrous large wolves mounted ready for war. 😉
      thanks for stopping by

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