Gathered some Dried Grass for my dog.

The supply for my dog’s bedding should last him until spring. First batch is still wet, considering that it rained all morning. I roughly dried almost half of bundle. And the rest will have to dried out a bit. Yesterday, I gathered three bundles on each trip, the second trip, I used a wheel barrow. Each trip took an hour on foot one way. After removing the wet grass, right on cue the snow started falling. When I hauled the mother-lode home, I added a fresh dried grass, and merged together leftover dried grass I gathered during spring time. A thin layer for his bedding until more would be added later on first week of November.

As for this afternoon, I went out, to gather some more, it’s still green on the edges, no matter by December it would be ready for Sped’s bedding. On the side note Sped found caribou bone. He has a fondness for nibbling on bones.

So far so good my dog is cozy in his dog house. I will have to feed dry kibble this winter, considering that the liquid freezes. On cold windless days, I think it would be ideal for give him some broth. But then again, there would be plenty of snow for his hydration needs.


One thought on “Gathered some Dried Grass for my dog.

  1. Your dog receives good care. Surely a sign of your affection. But the sign is remember is this — often in the dead of winter you heat some broth and take it to him for a good warm drink. A warm kindness in a frozen world. / Bill

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