Late ROW80 Check in, NaNoWriMo indeed

ROW80LogocopyAll right, this is my late ROW80 check-in, NaNoWriMo. My Internet went down promptly on November first. I think kids knocked the internet down, due to playing where the big ole dish, of which community internet is connected. While the internet was passed out, or out cold, I printed out my first page.

Anyways, writing a prologue had a hit snag, the beginning chapters are always difficult. Once I get past the beginning chapters, it should go smoothly. So far my total word count for two days was 298. 64 words on Sunday night and 234 words on Saturday night, as at this moment, no word count yet. But I will get some rest.

My writing took a slight detour, when my Windows Media Player refused to load properly. After several tries, I manage to get that bastard working by opening my media player as a administrator, of which it work, after restarting it and rebooting my computer.

In regards to my current WIP, I decided to write it after my online FB friend Kathleen liked the concept of the story.

On Saturday evening, I did a little write in with Dave. I’m not used to typing away on a keyboard on my lap. I keep changing the font size on my scrivener. Playing the music on my laptop seemed to distract Dave couple of times, so I turned off the music and typed away. I got the words written down so far.


6 thoughts on “Late ROW80 Check in, NaNoWriMo indeed

    • Thanks for stopping, yeah the prologue is getting there, Steady and slow, but it will get there. Next step chapter one and then its smooth sailing. 😉
      cue the scene “I’m not fighting it, it’s fighting me.” as a writer is being literally punched by one’s own word processor.

  1. You begin by experimenting. That seems wise to me. However this NaNoWriMo turns out, your testing may uncover improved techniques that will serve you for years.
    By the way, that story of kids knocking down your internet dish shocked me. Who would believe the little creeps could do so much harm?
    / Bill

  2. Congrats on getting some words down these first couple of days! Do you tend to write your stories from beginning to end? I often find myself getting stuck on writing the beginning and will skip to some later scene I know needs to be written just to get myself unstuck, then come back and write the beginning later, when I’m more in the flow. Good luck with your words this week!

    • Sometimes skipping the beginning can grease the writing, and write the beginning as sort of prequel-ish for scene.
      with my first NaNowrimo and other times of writing, I skip the beginning, sometimes I try to plow ahead from the beginning. Cue the famous words, in the beginning.
      Each person has his/her own method of writing. And there’s a method to the madness.
      Oh by the way, sometimes an idea would clobber you and gently guide you like a mean girlfriend to keyboards or pen and paper, start writing in dazed fashion
      Cue the madness, and thanks for stopping by. feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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