late Sunday-ROW80 check in WriMo

This is my late Sunday ROW80 check-in. My word count tally since on November 8 is 33, I didn’t write anything since 40 word count on November 5th. Thursday and Friday, no words came. My NaNoWriMo total word count is pitiful

I had a bit of distraction for several days.

I tried to get back on schedule via writing, but at the moment, nada, nothing. But hopefully my muse would return.

Good news, it turns out that my dog’s leg is all right. I had gathered more than enough dried grass for my four legged friend. I have eight regular sized bundles. Even though the snow had dusted the ground and more is on the way, Just now I gathered two more bundles of dried grass. Excluding half of one bundle used and merged together with my spring dried grass harvest. It seems that I had lost count.

update my Muse still hadn’t return, but I did some light research.

update II Who knew that writing female characters is tough. I have one character whom I written is an older one. I am interested in loose history told by the media, world war one and two and among other things. Not to mention that Europeans were sold as slaves in  Islamic markets, during the dark ages.


7 thoughts on “late Sunday-ROW80 check in WriMo

  1. Don’t lose heart – when the words are ready they’ll come. You mentioned you’ve been doing a little research on a female character, so hopefully she will begin talking to you and the words will pour like mulled wine 🙂 I’m glad you dog is okay.

    • Thanks, naturally words would come pouring out like mulled wine.
      Indeed my four legged friend is doing all right. Sped likes to take his walks, he loves eating mice skittering about.

      • I think the mouse was thinking oh shit, not good, when it laid its beady eyes on you. You should have seen the my dog caught a seagull once, he was playing with it, didn’t kill it. But he killed the little birdies and played with them, but didn’t eat them.
        I think his ma killed a muskrat once or some kind of rodent

      • Their behaviour fascinates me – I could watch them for hours! The funniest thing I’ve ever seen is my mum’s dog – and his fascination with bees. He still catches them in his mouth, even though he’s been stung before and his mouth was sore for weeks!

      • Dogs are keen to their owners moods, also a good judge of characters. And sometimes will pounce and bark at other people. Not to mention having different personalities.
        A sore mouth indeed, I’m sorry I had to pause and chuckle a bit.

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