WRiMo ROW80 midweek check-in, random stuff

row80logocopyThis is my midweek ROW80 check in. It’s late in the evening, So far I have written 111 word on Monday, 25 words yesterday. It’s been slow two weeks. But hey every little bit helps. As for my quota word count, I’m not sure what my total tally would be at end of this month.

For some reason, writing seems to kick in at unexpected times. Post NaNoWriMo, it would be stitching text and editing Edward Scissorhands style.  Catching up on more of my light reading. I often check online for random tidbits and facts.

All things unrelated to my writing. Flurry and mixture with rain, I hope that it won’t freeze, yanking down power lines. Internet has its mood.

It looks like that I had gathered way too much dried grass. The sum total, including a thin bundle is twelve. I never chop up the grass, the dog’s weight and movement will take care of that. Swapping the grass would have to quick, otherwise Sped would relieve himself on the fresh change. Not to mention a tight squeeze and the pooch being curious to what I am doing.

First order of business check inside of the dog house, see how much snow had entered and scoop out much as possible along with the old grass. I will have to be a bit more generous with dried grass than what I used last winter. But then again, snow always get blown inside of his dog house. The dog house is a basic box, unlike the insulated dog houses, I had seen on YouTube and online. And hopefully Sped won’t get displaced by other roaming dogs.


4 thoughts on “WRiMo ROW80 midweek check-in, random stuff

  1. ‘Stitching text and editing Edward Scissorhands style’ I love that, and the associations you make. The last part made me shiver a little…it’s cold here too. But it sounds like Sped is going to be very happy 🙂 Happy writing!

    • Thanks, congrats on your book being published. I see you’re working on something else as well. Busy typing away, hard work paid off indeed.
      Anyways, yeah, plenty of dried grass, lots of walking to harvest them. The dog is all set. Good amount of calories to keep him warm.

      • Excellent news 🙂 And thank you – this novel was a long time coming! We’re always working on something aren’t we – when we’re not working on it – we’re thinking about it!

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