Random thoughts and quick thought on humanzees

I was watching several videos on YouTube, one of them happens to be about humanzees. Appearantly Stalin wasn’t the only one who wanted to create supersoldiers. The Chinese Government, the United States Government and so forth.

GMO crops, such as tomatoes, corn, rice among other things. It wouldn’t be surprising that world governments had all ready produce Chimeric creatures. There’s all ready a goat that it’s sole purpose to produce spider silk from its teat. And a hairless mouse that has an human ear on its back.

Now add to nano-technology to the mix. Or think Wolverine and James Cameron the terminator mash together.

Let say that a team of scientists funded by a particular government had successfully created a first batch of hybrids. Depending which kind of hybrid. For a sake of argument, that they produced human and ape hybrids. Basically you can’t order them around, one of them would be apt to rip your arm off.

Cue planet of the apes, or the rise of the planet of the apes. Or the Island of Doctor Moreau, a novel by H.G Wells and two adaptations, 1977 and 1998 with Marlon Brandon and val Kilmer.

Anyways chimps are aggressive creatures. Typically when chimpanzees attack they go for the hands, face and the groin. To intimidate their rivals. Not to mention that they bite and strike at other chimps.


4 thoughts on “Random thoughts and quick thought on humanzees

    • I think. we’re all ready there in regards to Chimeric creatures, I don’t know about the two legged variety. But I can imagine that those type of hybrids might be created. Spooky stuff, that comes out of conspiracy thriller novels, conspiracy theories and conspiracy observations.

  1. I understand your point, but I read the article about the ear on the rat and knew it was for a transplant. I thought that was more clever than a plastic one which never looked real. I’m certain their will be issues whenever it gets used, but on the whole, I don’t think man should be tinkering with what God created. Yet, I have to admit it would make for an especially horrifying thriller whether it’s an ear or a hand that gets transplanted and takes over. Oh, wait, that’s been done already. Darn!

    • Everything what is been reported in articles, is all ready been done. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were black projects, that involved genetic human experiments. It’s possible, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors.
      Kinda like the old saying the truth is stranger than fiction.
      Someone online once said the further you look back in time, the further you look in the future.
      ANyways I can’t remember which novel where a dude’s dna had been copyrighted, can’t think of the name, its on queue of my reading list.
      Still it would make an interesting writing.

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