A day late ROW80 check in and some thoughts.

ROW80LogocopyThis is my midweek check in for ROW80 and NaNoWriMo. It’s a day late, my apologies, there’s not much for me to report. But I haven’t written a word, yesterday and the day before. I will have to gather some chi and write something.

In regards to my writing, I think I know where it might be heading. I also have a few thoughts to play with. But still it’s in its early phase.  Speaking of which, one of the people I chatted with on facebook liked what I shared with her. She said that she think I could write a series from it. And I chirped in thought of a possible prequel.

After post NaNoWriMo I will upload what I have written via google drive. And send links to to my WIP.

On a little side note, yesterday my laptop crashed early afternoon aka shut down unexpectedly. But no damage was done, my laptop still works. It could be a number of things. Fortunately my computer hasn’t been infect with anything. I think I may have to use my old System Recovery Drive again, and restart everything from scratch. So far so good the computer works. I will still have to order an external hard drive.Building an external hard drive itself is difficult, I don’t have the proper tools.


14 thoughts on “A day late ROW80 check in and some thoughts.

  1. Computer problems are the worst! I’m glad you didn’t lose anything 🙂 The series idea sounds intriguing. I like a good series, though I have very little patience! I hope you find your chi and the words start to flow. Happy writing.

    • Thanks the computer is still ticking. But I will get an external hard drive just in case.
      But who knows how the tale would develop. A good series is something that clobbers a reader and gently coax him or her to read them. 😉
      DRagging the series too long is sometimes not too good.

      • That’s true. If readers are no longer interested or invested, it’s time to stop! Good thinking with the hard drive – I would cry like a screaming infant if I lost my work 😉

      • thanks, but I will order an external hard drive later on. in the meantime it would be saving my work via USB flash drive, two flash drives.
        also if the writing is boring or repetitive the readers will drop the story.
        cue the song Papi don’t preach,

      • You’re right 🙂 I’ve read a few series that began really well, and then lost my interest. The lesson – keep it fresh! I’ll look forward to hearing more about your plans when NaNo is out of the way 🙂

      • Will do, I decided to export my bookmarks just in case. and listen to a few stuff online, various stuff.

        NaNo is an interesting ride, I think I will participate Camp WriMo, cue huddled in cabin with bigfoot intimidating me via glare from the distance

  2. Ack! Close call on the computer! So glad to hear you didn’t lose anything and that the machine doesn’t seem to have sustained any permanent damage. You said you didn’t write any words this week, but then you mention you think you know where the story’s headed. Do spend a lot of time thinking about a story before you commit words to the page?

    • Yeah, it would be a disaster if I did. I did wrote a few words, except for past two nights.
      A quick answer to your question, 😉 I just think a bit, or let it write itself, depending on the mood. Thinking too much can bog writing down. I have a general sense where the tale is heading. I still have a habit of being a little picky with words. I think it afflicts writers, or it’s just my mind defragging itself 😛

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