My Late ROW80 check-in, final-day of WriMo

This is my Sunday Check in for ROW80 and ole NaNoWriMo, again it’s a day late. I missed the Sunday and Wednesday check in. NaNoWriMo ends tonight, leaving me about fifteen minutes to type in and validate my word count.

My total word count is 1,668. Pretty skimpy from last year’s word count of 6577.

Anyways there’s not much to report I had 151 words written on the 20th, but trickled on the 21 and the 22nd. Then stopped and restarted on 25th. It stopped again on 27th and trickled on the 28th.

I will have follow up this evening after midnight. I seriously need to defrag my mind.

By far this current WIP is difficult to write. I think it kicked my ass.

Oh one more thing I found another of my old favourite endings on YouTube. Nosferatu SNES ending. After watching it, it made me want to complete an old WIP I have stowed away.


8 thoughts on “My Late ROW80 check-in, final-day of WriMo

  1. 1) 1,668 words is better than no words. You wrote words this month! Rejoice! πŸ˜‰
    2) What helps you defrag your mind? Are you taking enough time to sit & stare at the wall with no distractions? (That helps me.)
    3) Being inspired – by YouTube videos or anything else – is awesome! Are you going to resurrect that old project?

    • My total word count is 1763, not bad. Every little bit helps. I think I will have move to scenes to chapters and fill in the gaps. Tweak the prologue a bit.
      Staring at the wall? I will try that πŸ˜› I defrag my mind by various ways πŸ˜‰ cheesy endings, random scenes and so forth.
      They say inspirations come at ya unexpectedly. Looks like I may resurrect my old project, a rebooted version. Cue an epic music, when opening the memory vault.

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