My late midweek check-in. da-da-dum

This is my late Midweek check-in, I don’t have much to report in regards to my writing. My sum total word count of the entire month of November is 1763. Not bad, skimpy, but then again, I tend to be choosy with words.

After importing my WriMo project to another scriv project. I haven’t sort my NaNoWriMo scriv project yet. Tomorrow I should get started. This current round of ROW80, until December 25th, less than twenty-two days.

I will have shape up and start typing words.

In regards to WalMart Canada I wasn’t pleased that the standard shipping fee had jumped from twenty to a hundred dollars. I enquired about it, they offered no straight answers. Save money, live better. Well that’s a strange way to save money, gouging costumers. If I ordered a bag of black pepper for 2.00, 100.00 standard shipping free would be slapped on it. Making it one expensive bag of pepper.

I decided to buy a bag of dog from the northern store. The brand is called signal, signal dog food 8kg. So far, so good Sped eats it. I heard that some dogs are picky eaters.

Check out what other participants are up to.


2 thoughts on “My late midweek check-in. da-da-dum

  1. Another story of constraints — the limitations on your life when you live in a far northern town. I think you should have spelled out that everything you order on line has to be flown in. That may change with the ice road opens, but I doubt that the shipping charges will drop.
    Attawapiskat in winter gives its residents a hard life, and I think those who know that must respect you highly. Keep up the battle. / Bill

    • Thanks, yeah, everything that is ordered online in flown into town. With winter road opening this winter, well people would head to Moosonee to buy some stuff. Gasoline would be cheaper, but the prices of dry firewood jumps up a bit.

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