random dums, and thoughts

When I enquired about upgrading to fibre optics internet. I was told to order internet canopy with modem from Xittel for 650.00 before tax. Downright expensive and reasonable. Not sure if the activation fee is included with the 650.00. As a saying goes sometimes highspeed internet can be a somewhat overrated.

I was also told that modems for the community internet should arrive in next week. 100.00 for a replacement modem is not bad. I should stick with the community internet for the time being.

Speaking of internet, I am currently updating my scrivener software from to Of which is downloading at a snail pace. It has to be done, no sense in belly aching about it. But hey, 45.00 a month for internet is a sweet deal.


One thought on “random dums, and thoughts

  1. You are right about the Xittel apparatus. It is too expensive. You must stick with the current system and live with its many faults.
    Let me know how the scrivener 1.8 works when you have it up and running. I am so dependent on 1.73 that I am afraid to make changes. But if it really is better I might try it.

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