my late check-in, quick diggin online, n thoughts

I am late again, this my midweek check-in. So far I haven’t written a single word, aside from googling some info. I’d say, it’s not a total loss. In regards to my NaNoWriMo text, it needs editing. As for my previous WriMo WIP and my neglected WIP, both of them needed to be attended to.

I have been looking into spooky stuff, hybrids of fallen angels and human women. And homeless people who were rounded up, being used as genetic experiments and for food. People disappearing in National parks and other parts of the world. Subterranean troll-like creatures emerging from a bridge. The entities known as the black eyed children.

What did I learn about bigfoot, he’s an extra-dimensional creature. Shooting big foot with a rifle is practically useless. Either he’s bullet proof, or just cannibalistic hairy golem-like creature.

Of the stories about succubus and incubus violating people. It made sense that the fallen angels taking on female form to collect genetic material. According folklore demons are disembodied spirits monstrous hybrids.

Lilith the night hag, now that’s nasty wench, I don’t want to encounter in dark alley way.


6 thoughts on “my late check-in, quick diggin online, n thoughts

    • Thanks for stopping by. No worries, I figured that you’re up to your elbows, tons to do. I hope your weekend would be mellow.

      Yeah, I have been thinking about other things as well. I think sitting across a golem would be freaky sight to behold.

      Stay sweet.and stay on the mellow side 😉

  1. I think I remember that Big-Foot reference… from Ancient Aliens? I love it!

    Google and I are good friends. Tonight, I found out that the astronaut from my home town (Vance Brand from Longmont Colorado) was on the backup team for Apollo 15. I hadn’t realized that. I also discovered that one hundred $2 bills were left behind on the lunar surface after that mission, although I have absolutely no idea why

    • I’ll admit that I never heard about Apollo 15. In regards to them leaving one hundred two dollar bills. Perhaps they were placed in a time capsule and left on the moon or a memento for the flying saucers out there.

      Oh yeah, gotta love search engines. Internet came a long since Dial up. Back when I was young, we didn’t have internet.

      • I write SciFi about life on the Moon, so I’m always researching the Apollo missions and discovering new things. The $2 bill thing showed up on a list, but I can’t find any more info about it!

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