just one of those random updates and weird weather

It has been an interesting few days. The weather is unusually warm,in December. The upside no water pipe freezing. I purchased a 16kg bag of kibble for my dog. Only to be notified by one dude standing outside of the northern store about the small tear.

Good eye, I was thinking, how the hell did I miss it. Anyways it was on sale thirty-five bucks.

I had to carry the bag in an uncomfortable position, instead of carrying it on my shoulder. So the kibble won’t trickle out of the bag. After getting the bag inside, I roughly patched the small tear closed.

Just late this morning, I opened that damn bag, with a knife, after it was sitting there in a box for few days. Better use it before it goes stale. The dog seems to enjoy the flavour.

The two portable ceramic heaters I have ordered had arrived at the post office, I will pick them up. One would be given to my father and I will keep the other for myself.

My mother sent me some caribou meat. I am thinking of making basic caribou stew, with potatoes, frozen vegetable mix and a bit of cornstarch and water mix added. And let the bastard cook. Shoot, I should cook that right now.

I think my mother is sending me one or two rabbits. I am thinking that I need turkey necks and some salted pork. One little rabbit needs a bit of boost. In the meat department. Dumplings or potatoes, I will go with dumplings, its been a while since I had basic dumplings.


5 thoughts on “just one of those random updates and weird weather

  1. What a delightful review of your days before Christmas. Presents to you, presents from you. You warm your readers’ hearts.
    How quickly we forget — a mild December means your pipes are not frozen. I hope that good luck continues.

  2. Yay for no frozen pipes! Let’s hope that continues, although I know some certain plants require a hard freeze to do well the next year. So I hope they get the freeze they need, but that your pipes don’t. Does that make sense?
    I wonder if that dog food was on sale because of the tear in the bag?
    Ooo, rabbit and dumplings – that sounds good! And the caribou stew sounds good, too! How does caribou taste, generally? Is it a darker red meat, like venison? There are a few places around here that sell venison sausage and venison meat, but you need to order it in advance.

    • Ahoy there, thanks for stopping by.
      I think it does, for next years crop. Anyways to prevent the pipe from freezing up, I had to let the cold water, thin stream both bathroom sink and the bathtub. The main problem I run into is the cold water pipe to my washer. Of which in minus thirty degrees Celcius, it freezes promptly. People use snow to insulate the bottom crawl space of the houses, during winter.
      It was probably sitting there for a while, which explains the sale. Although I am unsure if the kibble was stale or not.
      I used to order dog food from walmart canada, before the 100.00 standard shipping fee, I was told that in Nunavut, the standard shipping fee is expensive, 500 bucks, downright murder.
      As for the caribou meat, indeed it has a dark healthy look. Though I can’t comment on the taste difference in regards between venison and woodland caribou. But the moose meat taste gamier. And it’s been a long time since I had moose.
      Salted pork is pricey, but it goes well with rabbit and other game. Rabbit cooked in porridge tastes heavenly. A teacher friend of mine once stated that he used Dr Pepper to marinate bear meat.

      • I’ve heard of using Dr. Pepper to marinate venison. I haven’t had the opportunity to even try bear meat, though. I’ve been told it has very little texture, so it’s good for ground meat items, like sausage or burgers. But again, I haven’t had the opportunity to try it.

      • I have yet to taste bear as well. People here eat bear, though today’s youth frown on the thought of tasting it. Sausages made from bear meat, ground meat from bear, instead of moo, grrr…. to hamburger sizzling on a fry pan or a grill.

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