ROW80 checkin wednesday, late again.

Ahoy its Thursday morning. This is my late ROW80 check for Wednesday December 17, 2014. And I am a day late. Two more check-ins to go. I have a bit of news, I did a bit of editing of the several clips of my old NaNOWriMo from 2013. At the moment its a slow going.

I will have to add in more text, filling in the details. For basic telepathic communication, I’ve been debating which brackets to use the angle brackets with italics <<text>> and curly brackets with italics {{text}}. But I wonder how they would hold in conversion to an ebook. Considering the technology is moody and iffy at times. I think the angle brackets are easier to the reader’s eyes. Well to my eyes that is.

I had hit a snag after updating adobe flash player. Whenever I tried to play a video on YouTube, there’s either no audio, or the damn flash player keeps crashing. Lo and behold there were two flash players in my firefox browser that has been causing conflict. To remedy it, I had to uninstall flash player and reinstall it manually. The reinstall took me most of the night. Now it works like a charm.


13 thoughts on “ROW80 checkin wednesday, late again.

  1. Have you considered just using italics for the telepathic communication? That would signify to the reader that it’s “mind-speak” without you having to worry about formatting/conversion as much. Just a thought. Good luck with your WIP!

  2. I use the angle brackets, myself, without italics, for telepathic dialogue. I generally use italics for inner monologues, without brackets, since they’re talking to themselves. It really doesn’t matter terribly which you use, though. as long as you’re consistent in your usage.
    It sucks, doesn’t it, when you have to uninstall and reinstall things to get them to work right. I’m glad you got yours sorted out! 🙂

    • Indeed. Technology makes things easy. I use italics for inner monologue and for telepathic communication, angle brackets with italics. As a saying goes, each to his/her own preferences.

      Yeah it sucks, when things get twitchy. I will replace the old one with a higher capacity ink cartridge after the ink is used up. A bit of ink left to print out documents. speaking of which, I will need to buy fresh paper for my printer, I used the old one for starting up my wood stove.

  3. Denise and Tammy both have excellent ideas. I just finished reading the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb, and she uses plain italics, no brackets, for telepathic communication, but she also doesn’t have internal monologues going on in addition, so that avoids confusion. Ah, the little stylistic choices we must make that people reading don’t even think about! (We hope.)

  4. Christmas time, busy as it is, always requires a writer to keep making choices. I find angle brackets too distracting — I prefer Italics. As far as adobe is concerned, it is always trouble to download. Clever of you to find you had two versions running!
    btw, Merry Christmas

  5. Wrote a nice long comment. Word Press didn’t like it, so it got deleted. The first try was a meandering comment about your perseverance in resolving that compute program glitch AND a stab at trying italics for both inner dialogue and telepathic thoughts. Maybe using dialogue tags would help separate the two without creating nearly unworkable formatting issues once you transition to Kindle and/or other e-pubbing formats. Doesn’t it all come back to voice?

    • Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your comment being deleted. Sometimes technology can be moody. Comments have a way of disappearing.
      Indeed it does. One of the few tricky parts to writing. I have been thinking about the formatting an e-book before a head of time.

  6. Technical problems are a real pain, so it’s extra satisfying when you solve them.

    I use Markdown to generate HTML code, and do words in italics *this way*, and boldface words **this way**. You can use underscores, too, useful when you **_do both_**.Just thought I’d confuse you more ;). I think, whatever you do, it’s good to be consistent.

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