ROW80 check in final Sunday

ROW80LogocopyThis is my Sunday Check-in ROW80 for 21st of December. I haven’t been writing much. Anyways I will continue to write, write now and worry about several things afterward. In some news, I have been thinking about female characters in general. Being a man myself, it can be challenging. I have settled on two names for the male to female transsexual character. One of the good things about scrivener is the find and replace via “find” on the edit section.

I will be participating ROW80 Round one once more. Just several more days left until December 25th, well the 24th.

I intend to use the Hemingwayapp, as a complimentary tool with other tools available. I am looking into plagiarism checker. After reading some articles, I am weary of using free online plagiarism checker tools. So those are scratched off my list, though I have used about four I think.

I have a general rule, if the text can be edited online, no need to download and install an app. Long as I can edit that bastard. Besides some apps can be screwy. From what I’ve read somewhere, after downloading and installing Pro Writing Aid app that several people have trouble logging on to their facebook accounts. I was thinking yikes.

There are three choices, autocrit, Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly. Pro Writing Aid is somewhat cheaper, depending which package of plagiarism checker bundled purchased with a year, 1000 checks for plagiarism checking. One years seems reasonable. I can only choose one, not all three. I will have save up some money for one of those three.


5 thoughts on “ROW80 check in final Sunday

  1. Your serious devotion embarrasses me, since I have been so distracted by holiday preparations. I consider your blog a “call to arms” and will get back to my writing.
    Your survey of available technical assistance is excellent. You open up new possibilities. Nonetheless,I will continue to rely on scrivener and hemingway. I am surprised though, that you do not mention text-to-speech programs,since it is so helpful to have your writing read to you. I have just upgraded to ghostreader plus, and find it excellent.
    Merry Christmas!
    / Bill

  2. I just looked at Hemingway since I had no idea what it was. How cool! What’s the plagiarism checker for? To make sure you aren’t writing exactly what someone else it? I didn’t know there was such a thing.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Indeed there’s such a thing, but stay away from free online plagiarism checkers. Some free stuff comes with strings attached.

      I found hemingwayapp decent for being concise.

  3. I haven’t switched to Scrivener yet, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, so I might have to try the free trial with my next WIP. Thanks for the recommendations on the other apps! Enjoy the rest of 2014!

    • Thanks for stopping by, basically I was musing to myself which software to utilize for writing. With scrivener, its challenging for some people. Me I just took to it water like a duck. Of course, with 45.00 for windows version, its affordable. I find it handy to move cards around in cork menu.
      I only use the hemmingwayapp as a very loose guideline. Grammar checkers can be useless at times.

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