Late ROW80 check in. Last one

Final mid-week checkin ROW80 for this round. This is December 25th and I am late. I have nothing to report, aside from that I was able to recover bits and pieces of my old NaNoWriMo edited draft from two places.

I will have to order an external hard drive from, unfortunately I couldn’t order from considering that standard shipping for an item is 100.00 minimum. I was told that it’s even higher in Nunavut and other parts of the country.

The places where I can order are getting slimmer, Best buy and future shop don’t send things up here. I will have to order from the along with

But on the other news,I think I know where I am heading in the tale.

Chow for now


9 thoughts on “Late ROW80 check in. Last one

  1. You might want to try They have 5 or 6 Partner Stores that handle computers/electronics. Shipping has been reasonable for what I’ve ordered.
    If you decide it’s worth a look, please check out my site:

    • I tend to be weary unfamiliar sites, therefore suspicious of any site. I haven’t click on a link to a site. I remember reading about canadians going to the US to buy goodies from American stores.
      I did check your blog, not bad

  2. Good for you! Writing during the holidays is hard. Now that Christmas is past
    I hope to follow your good example.
    Now give me some advice. How do you integrate two different versions of the same story?
    I am having a devil of a time doing that. Any tips you can pass along will be greatly appreciated.
    / Bill

    • Actually I had found two fragments from the my edited draft. I was in rush in posting this entry. I had to piece them together via copy and pasting, kept that document separate, but they look disjointed. Now I am debating whether or not to chuck both of them out. I haven’t integrated them yet to the storyline.
      I don’t have my original edited text to compared it with.
      Oh another thing scrivener doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other document processor such as word. I think its designed that way on purpose. The split screen on scrivener is probably used to compare text or keep track where you have written. But with scrivener there’s a useful icon called snapshot, it takes a snapshot of your work, and lets you compare it. But you would have to make a snapshot of it first

    • Hello, Bill. One technique I’ve used is rather hands-on. In similar situations, I’ve made up 3×5 cards for each chapter that summarize the key scenes. Do this for both versions. then post the cards on a board where you can analyze the story structure again for both versions. What happens next can be like magic. One story will seem stronger than the other, and you’ll also ‘see’ where to move/add/change/merge scenes. If the story involves two points of view, however, then you might need to take a step further back and think about the story that you want to tell. Some writers switch between voices. In my current story, I began with that option and then dropped the second main character to tell the story entirely from one point of view. Hoping that these suggestions help — and wishing you a fine year of writing ahead.

    • Your guidance has been of great help. I have been blazing away today. My procedure doesn’t involve text compare as yet, but dogged editing and rewriting has produced 1800 words of improved text. Now I am moving on toward split screen comparisons. / Bill

  3. I had similar problems of lost documents (and pictures) when I had to replace my old, but trusty laptop. Mostly because I transferred the files over myself. But, my only experience with Scrivener was perhaps complicated by using Word for too many years. I do use Word now quite happily (and back up stuff often). I wish you well on your search for that absolutely necessary new computer and hope that 2015 will have you working on writing more than logistics. All the best!

    • Thanks the computer still runs. and I just finished paying it up, woo hoo. I will make copies of my scrivener projects in two external hard drives and several USB thumb drives.
      A note to myself, make recent copies of one’s work. with USB thumb drives at the moment.
      Thanks for the sentiment. My writing is moving along nicely 😉

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