Same ole Blog, nothing missing. Oh Yeah and Musings

Update, so far, so good after updating the user name to mrbkoostachin, everything remained the same. No hiccups, no loss, smooth as a river pebble.

In regards to my writing, it slowed to a crawl again, but my reading hadn’t. I received a feedback from a friend, after taking a look at a snippet of a flashback. He said that he had to take a step back and reread it again. He found it vague, enough though it had been polished. I will have to stitch in the details.

I will be participating Round one of ROW80 starting from January 5th to March 26th. It will give me plenty of time before Camp NaNoWriMo, in April and July.

I forgot to write down the dream I had, earlier today. Nothing new there. I finally gotten around in using that snapshot icon in my scrivener project. I can see why people use it. For me its the matter of writing.


2 thoughts on “Same ole Blog, nothing missing. Oh Yeah and Musings

  1. I think you are bold to go into another ROW 80. Those things produce so much pressure on you. But hey, since you are determined to write why not do it with ROW 80?
    I am glad you are using snapshot now. It has saved me many times.

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