Updated my gravatar user name and looking a bit back on 2014

I decided to update my profile by changing the user name from mrschmoe to mrbkoostachin. It has been an interesting New Year day, the turkey took even longer to cook than the average size turkey that I am used to. Plus the foil roasting pan is useless. In fact it took me most from eleven AM to five PM for that bird to be done. And that foil roasting pan almost ruined my turkey. Two types of stuffing, mash taters and slices of the gobbler.

The past year has been interesting, the loss of my stuff on my Toshiba laptop, via dead hard drive, during spring. Fortunately most of my stuff were stored in DVDs.

We almost had a flood just this past spring. I was told to unchain my dog, before the flood water reaches my yard.

I didn’t complete the 50k word in my NaNoWriMo.

Expensive shipping costs ordering from WalMart, cheap bastards. Save money and live better. Bah, what a crock of bullshit. I have taken a snap shot of the sum total. As you can see, I picked a random item to illustrate how ridiculous expensive the standard shipping fee is. Oh it gets better, it’s even more expensive to order from walmart in Nunavut five hundred dollars.

Digital Camera

Originally I wanted mail a care package to my mother in Peawunuck, Ontario. Laundry and dish detergent, tea bags, one huge ass bag of rice, bags of oatmeal and some macaroni via ordering from Walmart, but that ship had sunk.

Fortunately I was able to order a handful of items before it got expensive to order. A friend of mine suggested that I order from Well.ca. The bags of kibble are a bit smaller.

Just recently my Internet had developed narcolepsy, going on and off, making chatting and blogging tedious.

Sped howls on occasion. As soon as the kids are going to back school, I will unchain Sped. I will have to keep the dog safe, considering the occasional culling of dogs. So far, so good the dried grass did its job keeping the pooch warm.


5 thoughts on “Updated my gravatar user name and looking a bit back on 2014

  1. What a year! Sometimes 2014 seems to have been nothing but troubles,
    but in my eyes you survived it all magnificently.
    And Sped stayed fed and lying on dry grass.
    I hope that 2015 finds you just as resourceful
    Happy New Year, Bill.

    • Indeed dude, 2014 has been a moody year. Yeah, as for my dog sped, he has seen his second winter, oh by the way, just now my father had given me some leftover via my cousin, he told me to feed half of it to sped.
      see ya online

  2. That must have been one big ass turkey!! I hope you enjoyed the spoils, it took so long to cook! We don’t have the Walmart in the UK, though we do have Asda (Walmart) and I think an American company took over. It changed things overnight but I’m told is nothing in comparison to the likes of the US!
    Hope your new year is getting off to a flying start 🙂

    • Indeed, I had plenty of leftovers. Gave some to my father, both sisters and my younger sister commonlaw partner. The bones as treat for my dog.
      Walmart used to be decent, when ordering online, after the skyrocketing shipping fee. But still, they’re cheap bastards.

      I think the beginning of every year has hiccups then it will mellow out. Thanks for stopping by, |I hope good things would drift thy way

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