My two cents on fighting scene

All right, writing a good fight scene, well its a tough one. So I decide to offer my two cents. It’s a good idea to observe on how other writer describe scenes in their novels To a get a general idea for a fight scene is to watch several YouTube videos. By what I mean watching YouTube videos, is to glean by observation, without copying. Gleaning by observing how the human body gracefully moves. One of them, is an intro with Ayane from Ninja Gaiden 3. Of which a male soldier was distracted by a woman’s cleavage, ergo losing limbs. To illustrate a point, a simple move can kill. I ignore the rest of the scene.

I general ignore most videos for various reasons. But watching videos on how a human body move can sometimes stew one’s imagination. Dancing, whether it be dancing at night club or some other thing.

In regards to one of my WIP, I try to look at things realistically.  As an old adage goes, if you’re disadvantaged, fight unfair. When it comes to close quarter fighting, cheat. A character would use a handgun shoot a rival combatant.

I only watch anime for entertainment only. Fight scenes in anime are generally over the top.

Unless the character is Bruce Lee or Jet Li with a knife. (Martial artists turn actors) It doesn’t have to be fancy, forget purple prose. Don’t worry about writing, they will be edited afterwards.

The book I use “the biblophile’s dictionary by Miles Westley.” I don’t know how much it cost now. That book was the best 23.99, I ever spent. It’s basic, so don’t overuse the words and phrases. A simple dab of words would do nicely.

Finally make every word count. remember the phrases, show but don’t tell, keep it brief and blend it in. Again look at how other writers describe scenes. Again it doesn’t have to be fancy.


5 thoughts on “My two cents on fighting scene

  1. Good advice. I love to write fight scenes…love Bruce Lee too (sorry my mind just went off on a tangent!). I usually ask for advice from my brother if it involves soldiers fighting or, as you suggested, watch instructional videos online and the such. I totally agree with your comment about not worrying about the writing – the errors will still be there on the next go round 🙂

    • It’s also a good idea to ask advice from your brother when it involves soldiers fighting. When in doubt ask the expert. I think you got an edge there. 😉
      Sounds like an idea is brewing inside of your noggin.
      Plenty of videos on YouTube, its a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff. Happy writing and stay warm.

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